HKTDC 2024 - Step into the Sparkling World of Shanderson Jewellery Limited at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

Join us at the forefront of luxury and craftsmanship with Shanderson Jewellery Limited, where we are thrilled to reveal our newest collection to the world. From February 29th to March 4th, we invite you to visit us at Booth 1CF18 at the esteemed Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, where elegance meets innovation.

Visit us:
Booth 1CF18
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
29/02 - 04/03

A Factory of Dreams:
Shanderson Jewellery Limited isn't just a name; it's a destination for wholesalers and jewellery brand owners seeking unparalleled quality at the best prices. As a fine jewellery factory, we pride ourselves on providing an exclusive opportunity for you to bring your visions to life. With the option for customers to supply their own materials, we transform raw beauty into wearable art.

Designed for Tomorrow:
Our new jewellery collection, showcased at this year's exhibition, is the culmination of all our sales insights from 2023. We have meticulously crafted pieces that are not only trendsetters for 2024 but also timeless in their appeal. We understand the pulse of the market and the desires of our discerning clientele, which is why our designs resonate with both contemporary style and classic sophistication.

A Wholesaler's Haven:
At Shanderson Jewellery Limited, we specialize in catering to wholesalers who own jewellery brands. Our exhibition space will serve as a haven for industry professionals to experience our latest offerings first-hand. This is more than just a display; it's a chance to explore potential additions to your collections that will captivate and enchant your customers.

We invite you to indulge in the promise of beauty and the assurance of quality that Shanderson Jewellery Limited stands for. Save the date, mark your calendars, and prepare to be dazzled. We look forward to meeting you, sharing our passion for jewellery, and forging lasting partnerships.