quality assurance


We stand by the quality and craftsmanship of our products.

What is Covered?

  1. Any Necessary Repair: In the rare event that your jewellery requires repair, our skilled artisans will handle it at no cost to you.
  2. Free Cleaning Services: Maintain the pristine appearance of your jewellery with our complimentary cleaning services, ensuring it always shines as brightly as it did on day one.
  3. Free Re-polishing Services: Restore the original luster of your precious pieces with our re-polishing services, offered free of charge for the lifetime of your jewellery.
  4. Free Resizing: As life changes, so might your ring size. Our free resizing service ensures your cherished rings always fit comfortably and securely.

Our Guaranteed

We are committed to ensuring the quality of your purchase; we stand behind everything that we sell and warrant that all items will be free from any manufacturing defects at the time of delivery. We will repair and maintain your jewellery for a lifetime. All of our jewellery is manufactured using the highest quality materials. Quality assurance (QA) procedure will be placed before shipment. We guarantee that there are no manufacturing defects.


There is no charge! The Lifetime Warranty is standard with every jewellery on our website.

The Lifetime Warranty is valid for an unlimited time.